How to Build and Scale an Effective ABM Demand-Gen Strategy

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Show notes

The marketing industry is shifting from inaccurate advertising and vague ROIs to granular tracking, lead scoring, and optimization.

And we’re reaching a tipping point: account-based experiences (ABX) will soon be the default approach for modern B2B marketing.

But with account-based strategies becoming mainstream, it’s easy to follow the trend without truly understanding the value behind the strategy.

Watch this show to get the building blocks that will help you incorporate account-based experiences in an informed way.

What You'll Learn:
  • Why account-based strategies outperform modern B2B strategies
  • How ABX can transform customer experience and drive bigger deals
  • The importance of omni-channel strategies for reaching entire buyer groups


Adam Depelteau
Adam Depelteau
Adam Depelteau
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Jesse Walsh
Jesse Walsh
Jesse Walsh
Director, Segment Marketing
Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Creation Agency


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