How to Use Generative AI to Hyper-Personalize Your Marketing Messaging

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Show notes

Contrary to popular belief, AI can’t magically do all your marketing for you… yet.  

But it can cut your workflows massively and serve as your hardest-working marketing tool.

Ready to spend more time on higher-level thinking and hyperfocus your entire team’s marketing efforts?

Watch to get a look into how top marketing leaders leverage AI to develop detailed personas,  target their messaging, and make their entire marketing process more efficient.   

In this show, you’ll learn: 

  • How to outsource 95% of your marketing workflows to AI 
  • Live screenshare examples of AI prompts, processes, and more 
  • Tips for bringing a “human element” to AI-driven marketing


Morgan J. Ingram
Morgan J. Ingram
Morgan J. Ingram
Founder and CEO
Ascension Media Productions
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman
Chief Marketing Officer
Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Creation Agency


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