Rethinking Webinars: 3 Strategies That Will Massively Impact Your Pipeline

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Show notes

Webinars are not just a way for you to discover new prospects. They also keep your current audience engaged, showcasing your brand and building trust.

So, how do you create webinars that are actually engaging and valuable to your audience?

Watch this Market Better show where we will be showing you our 3 top to bottom strategies on how to design a webinar marketing plan that will massively impact your pipeline.

What You'll Learn:
  • Webinar marketing strategies to help you attract your target audience
  • Rethinking your webinar strategy to move prospects through the buying process (top to bottom)
  • Building a rock-solid webinar content plan to maximize success


Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Jack Kosakowski
Creation Agency
Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens
CEO and Co-Founder
Nick Borelli
Nick Borelli
Nick Borelli
Marketing Director
Zenus, Inc.


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